The  installation of a “Hallmarq” standing MRI unit at Western Counties is an exciting development for Western Counties Equine Hospital and for horses across the South West peninsula. MRI has revolutionised our understanding of foot lameness over the last 10 years and is now regarded as the “Gold Standard” imaging technique for that region. In addition it is increasingly used to accurately diagnose lameness arising from the pastern, fetlock and higher on the limb where other techniques have not provided a diagnosis.

A precise, accurate diagnosis allows correct treatment to be instituted at an early stage allowing the best chance of recovery. The Hallmarq system allows high quality images to be obtained under standing sedation avoiding the risk and expense of general anaesthesia.

To provide the highest quality of clinical care,  the scans are acquired by Equine Veterinary Nurses and a full, clinically orientated report is provided within 24 hours. While cost factors are less important than the clinical expertise and wider quality of service we provide it is nevertheless often a consideration and to this end we provide a simple, clear and competitive pricing structure with the quoted price including all relevant stabling and sedation charges. In addition it has been shown that the overall cost for lamenesses investigated with MRI at a suitable stage is in the end no more expensive than those which are not. Thanks to the accurate diagnosis that MRI provides the final outcome for those horses is significantly better.

The system is ideally located for easy access for horses from Devon, Somerset, Cornwall and Dorset, and further investigations and treatments ,where appropriate, can be carried out in the same stay at the hospital.

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