We are pleased to offer a wide range of orthopaedic procedures, usually performed under General Anaesthesia in our purpose built operating theatre. We utilise a state of the art video-arthroscope for “keyhole” joint surgery including the diagnosis and treatment, for example, of intra-articular fractures and developmental conditions such as OCD. One of our vets, Simon Joyner has recently been awarded the RCVS Certificate in Equine Orthopaedic Surgery, a post graduate qualification, reflecting his interests in lameness and orthopaedic surgery.

We also frequently use the arthroscope for treatment of infected joints and tendon sheaths which involves flushing large volumes of saline through the affected joint to remove contamination. The arthroscope allows visualisation of the inside of the affected joint to ensure for example that no foreign material has entered the joint and to evaluate any damage to the tendons or cartilage. The arthroscope allows more thorough assessment and lavage than traditional needle flushing techniques and is our treatment of choice for all cases of synovial infection.

Orthopaedic proceduresOrthopaedic proceduresOrthopaedic procedures

Other orthopaedic procedures we offer include, where appropriate, internal fixation of fractures utilising intra-operative digital radiography along with a range of other procedures such as splint bone removal and sequestrum removal (surgical removal of infected bone usually following penetrating wounds).

These procedures are all backed up by our ancillary services and facilities ranging from a loading ramp to ease unloading of lame horses and digital radiography suite for rapid and accurate diagnosis of the problem to our padded recovery boxes and on site nursing care.

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